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Pneumatic Stripping Machine AM.015


The AM.015 pneumatic stripping machine has been developed for the processing difficult wire and cable insulations. With the High speed steel V-blades used in the standard version, most of the typical wire and cable insulations are processed effortlessly. Special die-blades can be fitted within seconds and without tools for optimal stripping of difficult insulations such as Teflon, silicone, kynar, mylene, neoprene etc. We also have the ability to process flat ribbon cables with flat blades and also phone cord, zipcord and other wire and cable configurations with custom flat and contour blades!


die - blade


prismatic blade


flat stripping blade

Special Characteristics

  • Can process very short wires, or wires with extremely short breakouts from multi-conductors cables. The distance from the safety shield to the blades is less than 9mm or 0.355 inches.
  • The parallel blade action provides precision wire stripping with the standard V-blades. This feature also allows stripping with Custom Die-blades, Radius V-blades, Flat-blades Contour blades or custom applications within the blade width range.
  • Lightning fast blade changes with our Zip & Click change system.
  • Sensor activated start process.
  • Self centering of wire within clamping jaws.
  • Air blowout of insulation waste from stripping head.
  • Safety shield disables machine when removed.
  • Allows for insertion of wire and cable from above.
  • Self regulating gripper pressure based on insulation removal resistance

Stripping Specifications

Round cables up to 5mm / 0.200 in
Cross section 0.15 – 4.0mmsq / 0.090sq in
Flat cables up to 8mm wide / 0.315 in
Strip length 1.5mm – 15mm / 0.06 – 0.590 in
Partial strip 1.0mm – 15.0mm / 0.04 – 0.590 in

Technical Data

Operationing press Max 3-6 bar
Air/cycle 6bar ca. 0.15 l
Cycle time 0.5 seconds
Weight 7.75 lbs
Dimensions L 11.0 X W 3.70 X H 6.50

Distributed By:
Tenborg Technologies LLC

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