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Tenborg Technologies brings over 30 years experience to the wire harness industry.

Since Tenborg Technologies LLC was founded. We have and continue to supply the wire harness industry with high precision wire and cable processing equipment. With over 30 years of knowledge in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service and technical support for all our customer’s needs.

Tenborg Technologies LLC works closely with the Telecommunications and Electronics industry. Especially with the world re-known Schleuniger coaxial cable stripping machines and other products. We have been servicing these products since their inception and continue to do so today. Tenborg Technologies LLC has recently earned a distributorship with Nitronic AG.

Nitronic was founded in 1977. It originally developed and manufactured electronic instruments. Its core areas were medicinal technology, high voltage technology, and systems engineering. In 1984, Nitronic began developing and producing the world-renowned Schleuniger wire stripping machines for:

·               Coaxial cables: CO207, CO257, CO8015, HC207, MP257, MP8015

·               Micro coaxial cables: MC252

·               Semi-rigid cables: SR1000

·               Fiber optic cables: FO730, FO7045

Nitronic has recently released new coaxial cable processing equipment which includes the ST730 & ST730T

Tenborg Technologies also Represents the complete line of Carpenter wire and cable processing equipment as well as Mecal by Starn Crimping presses and applicators, Cobra Braiders and Feintechnik Rittmeyer wire processing equipment.


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